Clubs and Fitness Centers

Clubs & Fitness Centers
Enka Sports Center / İstinye
Tel:(212) 276 50 84
Istanbul Golf Club / 4. Levent
Tel: (212) 264 07 42
Kemer Golf Club / Kemerburgaz
Tel: (212) 239 70 10
Klassis Golf Club / Silivri
Tel: (212) 710 13 00
Istanbul Riding Club / Maslak
Tel: (212)  276 20 56
Istanbul Sailing Club / Fenerbahçe
Tel: (216) 336 06 33
Korukent Sports Center / Levent
Tel: (212) 274 06 68

Polo Club House / Maslak
Tel: (212) 276 88 62 - 66
TED / Istinye
Tel: (212) 262 01 68
Hillside Club / Etiler
Tel: (212) 352 23 33

Parks and Woods

Belgrade Woods
About 12km out of the center of Istanbul, in an area covering about 14,000 hectares, this is possibly one of the best parks in the city. You can comfortably set up your barbecue, ride your bicycle, enjoy the walking paths and relax with the sound of bubbling brooks. If you don't have a car, getting there may be a problem but a dolmus from Besiktas to Sariyer may help you. Get off the dolmuþ at Derbend and either take a bus or taxi from there.
Emirgan Woods-Emirgan
This park is one of my favourites. It's ideal for enjoying the nature and fresh air in an historical atmosphere. Three beautiful wooden kiosks from the recent times of the Ottoman Empire, namely the Pink, Yellow and the White Kiosks are located in this park overlooking the Bosphorus. This is the site of the annual Tulip Festival. You'll be amazed from the beauty of the various flowers there. This place is one of the biggest parks in the city. It gives you two different opportunities. You can sip your tea in the historical atmosphere of the kiosks, which are now used as cafe restaurants or have a picnic of your own enjoying the endless green of the park.

Yildiz Park-Besiktas
Situated on the hills above Beþiktaþ and Ortaköy, the main entrance is across from the Çiragan Palace. Yildiz Park is a haven in the middle of the city which gives you a chance to take a deep breath of fresh air with an historical touch when you get bored of manic city life. The park is the former gardens of the palace built by Sultan Abdulaziz. The Malta and Çadir Kiosks in the woods have been restored and turned into coffeehouses. You can enjoy a rich Sunday brunch at the Malta Kiosk (0212 258 94 53). The Sale Kiosks, two country-style coffeehouses and a winter garden are pleasant too. You can even have a small picnic with sandwiches and cake while watching the ducks in the small pond or take a walk on the tiny graceful bridges speckled throughout the park. Yýldýz provides an ideal chance to escape from the metropolis, especially when you don't have enough time to go out of the city. Open every day.

Birds Paradise & Botanical Garden
Address: In Darica, 45km from Istanbul
Info: Over 70 hectares of lovely gardens where lots of exotic birds, zebras, gazelles, kangaroos, and penguins, as well as hundreds of tropical plants are housed. (To get there, follow the E5 highway on the Asian side, and turn right at the Bayramoglu junction, then left at the sign for Darica).


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