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Responsibilities of the tenant

Related payments will be done by the tenant.

  • Cleaning of the property: Owners do not deliver the property to the tenant with the first cleaning done.
  • Light fixtures will be installed by the tenant.
  • Locks will be changed at the tenant’s cost. (It is recommended to get them changed after moving in.)
  • Maintenance fee will be paid by the tenant on top of the utilities. Pool care&garden care belong to the tenant if not included in the maintenance fee.
  • Expenses occured from the misuse of the property and its  installations  will be paid by the tenant. Expenses occurring from the construction of the property belong to the owner.
  • If the property is delivered to the tenant painted, the tenant will deliver it back painted when evacuating. If not, the owner will have it painted and deduct the cost from the deposit. If the deposit is not enough, the owner will request the remaining.
  • When connecting the natural gas, telephone, internet, electricity etc. the tenant or a person designated by the tenant will wait in the property for the people coming to make the connections. If it is a house, people from gas company will come to clean the chimney (compulsory) and fireplace chimney (if requested) and their fee will be paid by the tenant.
  • Tenant will pay all the deposit fees  which are needed for connecting the electricity, water, natural gas on his name. The tenant will receive these deposit fees back when closing these accounts after deduction for any outstanding debts if there is any.
  •  Telephone and internet  bills would still come 2 months after moving out. These bills will be paid by the tenant.
  • Tenant will pay the IT person who will come to do the internet connection.
  • The telephone company  brings the connection up to the door of the property. It is an electricians job to get the connection inside so that the telephone line functions.
  • The tenant pays for the services of the electrician.
  • Tenant will pay for registration for TV and  Satellite connection. Satellite connection will also be done by the tenant.


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