orientation Tour

� Lameta Relocation will take the client to visit Istanbul city, give an idea of what the 
town and the suburbs around it have to offer.

Picking up clients.
� Introduction to practical and cultural aspects of life (buses, post office, department 
stores, fitness and sporting facilities, schools etc.)


� Contacting the client to define needs and guidance in what can be expected in Istanbul.
Contacting the real estate agent to make a multiple listing which will suit the client in
the best way possible.
� Negotiating with the landlord, reviewing (rent terms and conditions etc.)&
translating the lease, inspecting the property, taking the pictures of the property, preparing the list of the items delivered with the property and getting these signed by the tenant & landlord.
� Assisting during the inspection.

Settling In

This package covers assistance with;
� Assistance in opening a bank account.
� Subscribing for telephone line,electricity,water gas,internet,insuance etc.
� Putting the client in contact with insurance broker.
(household insurance, third party insurance etc)


Opening a personal bank account.

Obtaining Permits

� Assistance in obtaining ‘Work and Residence Permits".
Organizing with the  out-sourced company.
Following up with the procedures.

Schooling assistance

Schooling assistance includes;
� Contacting the client to define the basics needs and agreeing the schools to be visited.
Picking up from hotel or office.
� Overview of different schooling, pre- school options in the region and arrangements of 
accompanied visits.
� School visits&meeting with the school staff and help with enrollment.
� Registration assistance.

Serving Overview - Departure

� Cancelation of the lease &contacting the landlord to inform the leaving date of the tenant
Returning the property to the landlord.
Assisting to receive the deposit from the landlord.
� Canceling the utility connections. 
� Canceling work & residence permits.
� Canceling bank accounts.

city map

Where to pay utility bills

Istanbul Paintings
Original paintings by artist Zana Morina To see all her works click here

Basic Turkish


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