Things to do In Istanbul

In Istanbul there are many places to explore , and many actvities to practice.
Here are some tips for you to enjoy the city in the best way possible.

Having breakfast in Emirgan
If you are looking to have breakfast in a nice area with excellent sea view, then Emirgan is a good option for you. You
can sit in the famous tea house Şütiş and order your breakfast while reading your newspaper. After the breakfast, you
can visit Sabancı Museum where you can enjoy famous paintings and objects.

Walking in Yıldız Park
In the middle of the city, there is a place where you can relax yourself. Being one of the biggest parks in Istanbul,
Yıldız is just between Beşiktaş and Ortaköy. You can go there to get some fresh air while enjoying the greenery.
If you get tired, you can have a cup of tea in one of the cafes just inside the park.

Shopping in Nişantaşı
We can call Nişantaşı as “Turkish Champs-Élysées”. It is an area with top quality clothing shops, art galleries, bakeries 
and cafes scattered around the street. You can also spend some time in City`s shopping mall and  finish the day with a
good movie

Visiting Istanbul Modern Museum
If you are interested about the Turkish Modern art and Turkish artists, then you shouldn`t miss visiting Istanbul Modern. It 
is a kind of reference point about the Turkish fine arts.  There is also a salesroom where you can buy artistic gifts to your

Having Bosphorus Tour with a ferry
As you probably know, Istanbul connects Europe and Asia. You should experience the feeling of crossing one continent
to another by taking a ferry.  You can also see the beautiful water front houses along the two coasts.

Going to “Barınak” in Rumeli Kavağı
Barınak is a tailor made choice for those who are looking to eat fresh fish in an authentic area. As it is slightly out of
the city, you should take your car to get there. It is 45 minutes driving distance from Maslak to Rumeli Kavağı.

Having fun in Belgrad Forest
Belgrad Forrest is a popular area for jogging and making picnic with your family.
You can also rent a bicycle and enjoy your time there.

Swimming in Kilyos
If you are searching for a beach to swim and do not have enough time to get to the southern part of Turkey
for vacation, you can go to Kilyos to spend your day with full of pleasure.
There are some private beaches in Kilyos (Dalya and Uzun beaches) where they also serve food and beverage.

Buying spices in the Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Bazaar)
Spice Bazaar is a historical closed bazaar where you can find all sorts of spices as well as souvenirs such as t-shirts, 
ceramics, scarfs, authentic gifts etc… The architectural style of the complex is also worth seeing.

Going to the Flea Market in Aksaray
For those who are looking for antics and stylish second hand furniture, flea market in Aksaray is a nice place to be in.
There is various furniture which can contribute a lot to your home decoration.

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