Things To Do In Istanbul

Hanging out in bars in Asmalı Mescit
Lately, Asmalı Mescit is one of the most popular places in the city.
In its narrow streets, you can find many bars and cafes where you can listen great live music.

Visiting Taksim
Citys heart beats here. As it is the center of the city, it provides all sorts of attraction to people.
Istiklal Street is the right place where you can meet with friends and spend some time.
If you are lonely, you can look at the shops, drink your tea in a café or take pictures of the historical buildings.

Jogging at Bebek
On a Sunday morning, before the streets get busy you can do your jogging in Bebek
and enjoy the breeze coming from the sea.

Touring at Bagdat Street
Bagdat Street is the meeting point of everyone who lives on the Asian Side. When you are there,
you have got many options to entertain yourself like shopping, going to a nice café, looking at the bookshops
or meeting with friends. However, you should not forget that the traffic can be sometimes intolerable.
Parking is also difficult. 

Searching for second hand books in Taksim
Just across the Galatasaray (Lycée de Galatasaray), Taksim, there is a passage consisting of many bookshops
where you can find brand new and second hand books both in Turkish and in different languages.
If you are looking for a book that you haven`t found anywhere, there is a possibility that you can find it there.

Going to Pano Winehouse
Pano is famous wine house located in Taksim area. With its brick walls and high ceilings,
from the very first step, you start getting the energy of this place.
You may try their own produce of wines and order cheese to relax yourself.

Cycling in Caddebostan Coast
If you live on the Asian side and want to do sports in open air, you should go to Caddebostan coast.
As the cost is flat, you can either ride your bicycle easily or do your jogging with pleasure.

Attending football matches
Football is really huge in Turkey. You may see people on the streets wearing a t-shirt of the football club
and analyzing yesterday`s game of their favorite club.
Buying a ticket for a football match in Istanbul, will be a different experience for you.

Visiting Dolmabahçe Palace
Dolmabahçe Palace used to be the house of the Sultan during the Ottoman Empire. Today,
it is one of the best museums in the city. Within the museum,
there is a small cafeteria on the right side of the entrance where you can enjoy your coffee.

Attending Tulip Festival in Emirgan Park
Being in a nice place surrounded by various flowers and trees, Emirgan Park brings a sweet relief to anybody. 
Each year, Istanbul Municipality organizes a Tulip Festival all over the city and makes Emirgan Park
as the center of this activity.

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