Things to do In Istanbul

Discovering Princess Island
Going to Princess Island is a nice escape from hustle and bustle of city life. If you take the ferry from Kabatas Station, you can get to the Islands in a short time.
Please find the contact details of IDO (Istanbul Seabuses and Fast Ferries Inc.) below to get to the Islands.
There are various activities to do in the Islands. To travel within the island, you may either take the ‘nostalgic fayton’ (cart pulled by horses) or rent a bicycle. If you are in Buyukada, you should not return back to the city without seeing Aya Yorgi Monastery.
If you are planning to stay in Buyukada for a few days, with its historical atmosphere and seaview hotel Splendid Palace can be a good option for you.
Please find the contact details of the hotel below. Adress : 23 Nisan Cad. No: 53 Buyukada 81330 Istanbul - Turkey
Telephone : +90 216 382 69 50
e - mail :  / Website:

Discovering Galata Tower
Being one of the most important monuments of the city, Galata Tower embraces many tourists every day. With its architectural style, it differentiates itself from other neighbouring buildings.  If you get to the terrace of the top floor, you may have the full view of the city depending on the weather. You can also visit the surrounging souvenier shops.

Visiting Rahmi Koc Museum
If you are keen on the developments in technology, Rahmi Koc Museum is the place where you should not miss. You may find all sorts of devices such as computers, antique cars, bicycles, yatchs, trains, airplane and even a submarine. After your tour in the museum, you will be pleased to have detailed information about them.


Visiting Maiden Tower
Maidens tower is in a small island between the European and Asian sides. It is one of the characteristic figures identified with the city. Being used as a lighthouse at first, it welcomes people with its fancy restaurant today.
The name Maiden Tower comes from the story of the Sultan who placed his beautiful daughter in the
maiden tower to prevent any misfortune happening to her.
However, a snake creeped into the castle in a grape basket and killed the maiden.

Attending concerts in Harbiye Open-air Theater
In summer time, both local and international concerts are being held in Harbiye.
To listen your favourite artist singing live on the stage, open-air theather is a good place to be in thanks
to its impressive atmoshpere.

Discovering Miniaturk
Turkey has got many fascinating buildings like Dolmabahçe Palace, Hagia Sophia, Anıtkabir, Maiden`s Tower and so on. If you want to see all of them at the same place, you should go to Miniaturk.There, you may find the identical
models of those buildings and have a small historical journey.We recommend you to take your small kids
with you so that they can improve their knowledge about Turkey while enjoying themselves outdoor.

Drinking a glass of tea in Pierre Loti
To go to Pierre Loti, you need to take the teleferic from Eyüp Sultan. When you get to the top, nice tea houses and a great view of the city will be waiting for you.

Taking subway from Tunel to Karakoy
Having built in 1875, the subway from Tunel to Karakoy is the second oldest subway line in the world.  If you take it, you can shorten the distance between these two points and get the nostalgic feeling.

Attending art exhibitions in Nisantası
Nisantası is a place sought out by many people because of the art galleries. In every corner, you may find an art gallery welcoming works of talented local and international artists from all over the world. You may also attend auctions held by various companies and give your bet to the authentic Turkish art works

Hanging around in Algeria Street
Algeria Street (in Turkish: Cezayir Sokagı) which is in Beyoglu, Taksim consists of many traditional Turkish houses painted in different colors. The street is well known with its cafes and restaurants where you can taste different cuisines from various countries


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